"Best margaritas in town! Awesome outdoor bar with great music, variety of fresh made drinks and the best bartenders in Cabo!"

Every Time we go to Cabo, we go to UNO MAS ?”

Every time my wife and I go to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, we take one day to do nothing but visit this great small outside bar called, Uno Mas ? There drinks are so good as they use only top of the line alcohol and fresh squeezed juices, to make their drinks with. You never see that anywhere and you can taste the difference. The bar is located in a small strip mall and only has about 20 chairs. The bartenders are always very friendly and make wonderful drinks. The drinks are so cheap ! We had great Margaritas for only $3.50 and wonderful Tequila Shooters for $4.00. There is also a wonderful Mexican restaurant only a few feet away from the bar and the waiters will come to the Bar to take your order. You can order anything to be delivered from the restaurant to the bar. Also I walked 15 feet away from the Bar and had a wonderful Massage at the Frida Spa Radiance Salon. There are also many great shopping venues within steps of the Bar. All in All it makes for a great day in Cabo at a really great price. Fantastic drinks, and a must visit when you go to Cabo San Lucas ! Viva Uno Mas ?

David M.

This is a neat little outside bar with a very friendly bartender. The drinks are good with very reasonable prices. It is definitely hot in Cabo but there was enough of a breeze that we were comfortable. Not a great view since it is downtown off the water, but worth the walk from the marina area.

Kelly M.

Just when you think Uno Mas couldn’t be better than you remember you hit a night with the whole Uno Mas gang…Fernando, Gina, Miguel and now Diego. Keep up the great job! Can’t wait to see you again.

Trip Advisor

A little hidden gem that serves some of the finest cocktails in Cabo. Fresh squeezed fruit drinks that will make you cry, and the lovely Gina and Miguel hosting your visit. Everyone should have “Uno Mas”

Trip Advisor

Hands down, best margaritas in all of Cabo! We were in town five nights and stopped by Uno Mas four of those nights for some great drinks. Our group has pretty high standards for a good margarita, and this place far exceeded our expectations. It is a little hard to see it off the main road, but keep looking, it’s worth it.

Trip Advisor

Best margaritas in town! Awesome outdoor bar with great music, variety of fresh made drinks and the best bartenders in Cabo!

Kristi B.

Such a cute bar! There’s only enough room and stools for 10 people tops. The bartender was great, very fun and entertaining. Although this bar is just a random tiki-esque bar located outside, they have their own bathrooms! One for men and another for women. Both are extremely clean! It’s difficult to find a clean restroom in downtown Cabo so this was a nice perk! Great place to meet other vacationers. Though it’s in downtown Cabo, it is a bit detached from everything else, it was a tad sketchy in that sense. Nonetheless, the drinks were strong, we met some really great people and we had a chance to get away from all the crazy hustle and bustle from the clubs and loud music of downtown Cabo. I don’t recall exactly the drink… But it’s kind of their signature drink, orange juice, tequila, lime and a few other ingredients. Give it a try, it was amazing!
Crystal A.

Such a fun place! We ate our tacos from El Gran Pastor here and had delicious margaritas…wait who am I kidding we were in Cabo we had quite a few delicious margaritas here!! We will definitely be back here next year. This is a great spot to stop bye and get off your feet for a drink!

Todd K.

The bartender was very friendly and accommodating. It wasn’t the best mango margarita I’ve had, but the breeze and company at this small outside bar made it comfy and inviting.

Lashanda L.

My friends and family party of 8 drank up all of Gena’s Don Julio. We didn’t want to leave. She uses premium liquor and fresh fruit. Cant wait to come back. Oh and beware of the cute kids trying to sell you trinkets all day lol.

Trip Advisor

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